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Promotional Stubby Holders

Spread The Word With Promotional Stubby Holders

The festive term “Stubby holder” might be a mystery to some people, but for people who frequently enjoy an ice cold beverage during their favorite sporting event, the term isn’t so much a mystery as it is a source of joy. Stubby holders keep your ice cold drink from getting warm. No one wants to go to their favorite sporting venue and then reach the end of it with a hot drink. Promotional stubby holders are a gift bestowed onto loyal sports fans who show up religiously to their favorite events.

Not every stadium or indoor sporting venue is going to give away free promotional stubby holders, but for the ones that don’t: Consider it! These promotional stubby holders can be made for extremely cheap when you buy them in bulk. They can sport the name of your stadium or sporting venue, your event, or even specifically the teams that were playing the day the fans attended. It’s a good giveaway to the first X number of fans that enter the venue, too, and is a great thank you to loyal sports enthusiasts who need yet another great reason to make it out for their favorite team or player.

Promotional stubby holders are one of the greatest promotional giveaways of all time at sporting events because they serve a true, practical purpose during the game. If someone brings a drink, they can immediately transfer it to their promotional stubby holders at http://www.mr-drinkware.com/stubby-holders/ and then enjoy an ice cold beverage all during the game. No worries. They’re also a good way for a struggling sports team to build support for their efforts. It’s true that everyone is going to have a bad season sometimes, but for those struggling teams, promotional stubby holders and other promotional products can be a great way to keep fans coming back to the games to show their support.

And when those fans get home with their promotional stubby holders, they can always relay the story about how their favorite sports team gave them away at a particular game. It’s a memory for the fan and a great way to advertise your sports team’s venue without having to be intrusive about it. Non-intrusive advertising like this is one of the best ways for sports teams or any other venue owner to promote their team’s spirit to the fans that support them during the events. And fans themselves get a terrific free gift in the form of a beverage that never gets hot.

You can put just about anything on promotional stubby holders. Put your team’s name, put the address of the venue, promote upcoming events, and anything else that your designers want to include on there. Fans are going to be delighted with free stubby holders and marketing is going to be pleased with how easy they are on the budget. You can produce hundreds or thousands at a time for your next batch of very loyal sports fans!

Promotional Mugs

Promoting Your Event With Promotional Mugs

Annual events are a big part of life in most areas of the country. Whether it’s a festival to celebrate the miracle of apples or a carnival that hits town once a year, many communities love their annual festivities and go to great lengths to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to attend them. For special events, promotional products can be a great way to advertise for next year. This means that you hand out things like promotional mugs DURING the current event. They’re completely free to consumers and these same consumers are the people who might attend next year, too.

The promotional mugs serve as an ongoing reminder of the date of the event. You can emblazon the name and date of the event on the promotional mugs so that when people use those mugs a year in the future, they’ll know exactly when they get to attend the event the next time. This will only work for events that are held on the same day every year, but simple promotional mugs that contain the name of the event and the month of the event can also serve as a great reminder so that they don’t forget all the fun they had and remember to go back the next year.

Events are the heart of most communities. People live for the joy and togetherness that they experience at hometown festivals and carnivals. Although they might only come but once a year, they can always be something to look forward to for the next year. Branded Mugs at Mr Drinkware and other promotional products can be handed out at the gate as souvenirs of the event and taken with them to use during the event. Promotional mugs can be especially handy during events that are heavy on drinks. While it’s also possible to sell the promotional mugs, many event planners like to hand out at least a few free promotional mugs because they serve as a form of cheap ongoing advertising for the event.

Mugs and other promotional products have a lot of ad space and are easily portable and re-usable during the year. So just because someone carries around the mug during an event doesn’t mean that it’s the only time they will use it. They can wash it after they get home and get great use out of it all during the year. Not only will they see the event advertising on the mug, but everyone who sees the mug will also become aware of the event. They may ask what the event is, and then your event can spread through word of mouth.
If you haven’t tried using promotional mugs for your event, this might just be the year to give it a shot. If you have used these promotional mugs, you already know that they are a very cheap way to advertise your event to a lot of people all at once without having to go to much trouble.

Promotional Glassware

Benefiting From Promotional Glass Products

From the perspective of the consumer, promotional products are some of the best products to hit the market in recent years. Not only do they get a useful product, but they get that product absolutely free just because a business wants to advertise their brand name. And customers love to let them! Promotional glass products are an especially lucrative portion of the promotional products business.

Granted, promotional glass products will be a bit more expensive than things like promotional plastic cups or bottles, but they are also going to be more durable and eye catching than other types of products. When you give someone a promotional glass, you give them a fairly high end promotional product that they can use time and time again.

A promotional glass in the form of a shot glass has become one of the most lucrative of all promotional products. People LOVE to take home treasures from their favorite concerts and sporting events. It’s a reminder of the memories they made during their time there. And it’s a very attractive piece of dishware. It’s not like a plastic cup or something of that nature that is flimsy. It holds up over the course of time.

Promotional products themselves have become something of a revolution for small businesses who want their brand name out in the public eye more than it is but that can’t quite afford to compete with the corporate advertising budgets that greet them as they’re trying to make a name for themselves. Promotional Wine Glass at Mr Drinkware marketing budget is cheap compared to other forms of advertising. Instead of paying for a television spot, you can give promotional glass to customers and to others who might benefit from them.

Saving money is just one reason to go with a promotional glass plan. You’re going to really increase your value in the community’s eyes when they see your products out there floating in the public eye over the course of time. When someone sees your business name on a promotional glass, they know that you’re a business that cares about its customers and that has already made a name for itself. Many people don’t know just how inexpensive and easy it is to print promotional products. They see a brand name on a glass and really believe that you’ve “made” it. And it increases trust in the public eye and gives your business name credibility.

And your employees and customers will thank you for something as useful as a glass. They can drink out of the glass time and time again over the years, all the while thanking you for giving them something free. Anyone the person drinks in front of will see the name of your business and immediately recognize it if they need what your business is selling. With all the ad space in the world on a glass, there’s no time like the present to order your first batch of these terrific products right now!

Promotional Drink Bottles

Hand Out Promotional Drink Bottles

Promotional products have become an extremely popular form of advertising with small businesses. While corporations and medium-sized businesses certainly make use of things like promotional drink bottles, small businesses are especially lucky to have such a cheap form of advertising. Promotional products are inexpensive to produce and when purchased in bulk, they can form a solid advertising strategy that is unoffensive and far-reaching.

Promotional drink bottles are a prime example of a product that’s inexpensive to customize. You start with a regular drink bottle and then make it festive with company logos, mottos, and contact information. Whenever someone picks up those promotional drink bottles, they’re able to see your company’s brand emblazoned on there in a memorable fashion. The people who are the recipients of the promotional drink bottles will use them throughout the year. When they put the www.mr-drinkware.com/drink-bottles/ down somewhere, they will be visible to other people. This means that your brand name is going to be out there in the public, to the tune of potentially hundreds or thousands of times over the course of the year.

It’s a simple concept but it works surprisingly well for small businesses who have smaller advertising budgets. You might not be able to afford a huge Billboard in a popular retail area, but you can certainly afford a few hundred bucks for promotional drink bottles. You can give them out at your business locations, hand them out to family and friends, or even give them to employees who will certainly welcome the opportunity to have a free product that shows where they work.

Not every small business is taking advantage of promotional drink bottles and other promotional products and this is unfortunate. There are so many opportunities to build your brand when you enter the world of promotional products, especially those that have a practical, everyday purpose like promotional drink bottles. After you order your first batch of promotional products, you will likely wonder why you waited so long to get into the promotional product game in the first place. These nifty little products are easily customizable thanks to online companies that allow you to customize just about anything on their pre-designed products.
You can choose different sizes and designs of drink bottles and then hand them out as you see fit. Some companies will have promotional give-aways at an event while others will simply put out the drink bottles on a first come, first serve basis. And who doesn’t love to get something free, even if it has a company’s name written across it? When those people take that product home, their family will be the first to see your brand name. And as those products travel about the area where they reside, still more people will see the name of your company. It’s a very tasteful way to get some name recognition for the hard work that you do on a yearly basis. Get started with a few drink bottles toda