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Overview Of Globalscape
Armed with over two decades of industry experience, Globalscape is undoubtedly proficient in the field of data integration. Far more than an incomparable software developer, Globalscape is also an industry that pioneers cutting-edge ideas. EFT, an Enhanced File Transfer, is one such creation that Globalscape developed. Considering Globalscape’s devotion to safeguarding files, it only made sense that they formulate a state-of-the-art implement that would soon become the flagship of their operations.

The Power Of EFT
Esteemed for its “enterprise-level data security,” EFT all but guarantees a secure transfer of files. Additional benefits are as follows.

  • Compliance features and controls
  • Transparency that enables users to track the movement of their personals
  • Two-factor authentication for enhanced security
  • Deployment capabilities
  • Folder monitoring via workflow automation
  • Compatibility reports
  • Prompt detection of suspicious third-party elements
  • Auditing features
  • Replaces homegrown servers with blue-chip alternative
  • Users can opt to manage the software themselves

EFT Enterprise/EFT Express
The efficacy of EFT has proven so rewarding that Globalscape developed comparable additions, EFT Enterprise and EFT Express. Here’s a rundown of what these alternative EFT solutions offer.

  • EFT Enterprise – scheduled transfers, transfer files over high-latency platforms, integrated interface, quick turnaround
  • EFT Express – rapid response rate, easy to navigate, intelligible audits

The Globalscape Standard
Built on an unwavering foundation, Globalscape by Aquion is rooted in several core beliefs. Below is an overview of the pillars of their philosophy.

  • Collaboration
  • Automation
  • Efficiency
  • Protocol
  • Security
  • Comply
  • Analyze

Consumers have time and again had an overwhelmingly positive experience with Globalscape. In addition to offering uncompromised customer service, clients admire Globalscape by for the following reasons.

  • Free trials
  • Competitive prices
  • Their tools are easy to comprehend
  • Users have the option to manage the inner workings of the software themselves
  • Advanced controls manifest the company’s innovative essence
  • Users feel at ease about level of security
  • Services are competent

To better understand the scope of Globalscape’s expertise, the list below provides insight into the company’s robust line of services.

  • Convert files
  • Product support
  • Replacement of software
  • Compliance reports
  • Training
  • Deployment services
  • Automation services
  • Cloud integration
  • Data integration
  • Assessments
  • Internal and external file sharing

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