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Promoting Your Event With Promotional Mugs

Annual events are a big part of life in most areas of the country. Whether it’s a festival to celebrate the miracle of apples or a carnival that hits town once a year, many communities love their annual festivities and go to great lengths to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to attend them. For special events, promotional products can be a great way to advertise for next year. This means that you hand out things like promotional mugs DURING the current event. They’re completely free to consumers and these same consumers are the people who might attend next year, too.

The promotional mugs serve as an ongoing reminder of the date of the event. You can emblazon the name and date of the event on the promotional mugs so that when people use those mugs a year in the future, they’ll know exactly when they get to attend the event the next time. This will only work for events that are held on the same day every year, but simple promotional mugs that contain the name of the event and the month of the event can also serve as a great reminder so that they don’t forget all the fun they had and remember to go back the next year.

Events are the heart of most communities. People live for the joy and togetherness that they experience at hometown festivals and carnivals. Although they might only come but once a year, they can always be something to look forward to for the next year. Branded Mugs at Mr Drinkware and other promotional products can be handed out at the gate as souvenirs of the event and taken with them to use during the event. Promotional mugs can be especially handy during events that are heavy on drinks. While it’s also possible to sell the promotional mugs, many event planners like to hand out at least a few free promotional mugs because they serve as a form of cheap ongoing advertising for the event.

Mugs and other promotional products have a lot of ad space and are easily portable and re-usable during the year. So just because someone carries around the mug during an event doesn’t mean that it’s the only time they will use it. They can wash it after they get home and get great use out of it all during the year. Not only will they see the event advertising on the mug, but everyone who sees the mug will also become aware of the event. They may ask what the event is, and then your event can spread through word of mouth.
If you haven’t tried using promotional mugs for your event, this might just be the year to give it a shot. If you have used these promotional mugs, you already know that they are a very cheap way to advertise your event to a lot of people all at once without having to go to much trouble.

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