Promotional Stubby Holders

Spread The Word With Promotional Stubby Holders

The festive term “Stubby holder” might be a mystery to some people, but for people who frequently enjoy an ice cold beverage during their favorite sporting event, the term isn’t so much a mystery as it is a source of joy. Stubby holders keep your ice cold drink from getting warm. No one wants to go to their favorite sporting venue and then reach the end of it with a hot drink. Promotional stubby holders are a gift bestowed onto loyal sports fans who show up religiously to their favorite events.

Not every stadium or indoor sporting venue is going to give away free promotional stubby holders, but for the ones that don’t: Consider it! These promotional stubby holders can be made for extremely cheap when you buy them in bulk. They can sport the name of your stadium or sporting venue, your event, or even specifically the teams that were playing the day the fans attended. It’s a good giveaway to the first X number of fans that enter the venue, too, and is a great thank you to loyal sports enthusiasts who need yet another great reason to make it out for their favorite team or player.

Promotional stubby holders are one of the greatest promotional giveaways of all time at sporting events because they serve a true, practical purpose during the game. If someone brings a drink, they can immediately transfer it to their promotional stubby holders at and then enjoy an ice cold beverage all during the game. No worries. They’re also a good way for a struggling sports team to build support for their efforts. It’s true that everyone is going to have a bad season sometimes, but for those struggling teams, promotional stubby holders and other promotional products can be a great way to keep fans coming back to the games to show their support.

And when those fans get home with their promotional stubby holders, they can always relay the story about how their favorite sports team gave them away at a particular game. It’s a memory for the fan and a great way to advertise your sports team’s venue without having to be intrusive about it. Non-intrusive advertising like this is one of the best ways for sports teams or any other venue owner to promote their team’s spirit to the fans that support them during the events. And fans themselves get a terrific free gift in the form of a beverage that never gets hot.

You can put just about anything on promotional stubby holders. Put your team’s name, put the address of the venue, promote upcoming events, and anything else that your designers want to include on there. Fans are going to be delighted with free stubby holders and marketing is going to be pleased with how easy they are on the budget. You can produce hundreds or thousands at a time for your next batch of very loyal sports fans!

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