Twistlock and Cyber Security

Get the Cyber Security that Your Company Needs

Why is Cyber Security so Important?
Breaches in cyber security can cause huge issues for companies and for clients. There are thousands of hackers who will try to confiscate private and confidential company information. This is information that could cost a company between thousands and millions of dollars. Since that is the case, companies do well to find a trusted cyber security platform that can offer them and their clients secure connections on systems and applications.

About Twistlock
Twistlock is a platform that has become a leader when it comes to cyber security. This is a platform that is able to offer systems and applications vulnerability and compliancy management. Aquion Twistlock is a platform that is able to secure all of your modern applications and systems against cyber threats.


What are Some of the Features of Twistlock
Twistlock offers a platform that is completely automated. This means that advanced technology has the capacity to learn profile applications in order to create security models for your company’s systems. Apart from that, Twistlock offers a completely integrated system that will integrate with some of the tools that your company’s team may already have in place. Twistlock has an intelligent stream that is able to ensure connections that are accurate and safe. When it comes to compliancy, Twistlock has as a platform that is completely audit safe and ready. This platform is able to report and granular information that will ensure that your systems and applications have complete compliance across all of your environments.

Security Without a Server
Twistlock features serverless security. This is security that is able to use Azure Functions, AWS Lambda, and Google Cloud Functions To ensure that your systems are able to run without any risk of threat. This is a security system that will eliminate threats during every stage of your system’s application. Twistlock is able to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities using the Twistlock Vulnerability Explorer. This is a platform that gives a full view of all vulnerabilities in the system. This function automatically will find these abnormalities and analyze them to figure out the vulnerability components. Once these components have been found and understood, the platform will explain these risks to you by including comprehensive meta-data.

A Partnership
Twistlock has partnered with Aquion at in order to create a strong automated security system. This is to enhance security for customers who use cloud based applications on the Google Cloud Platform. This cloud native security platform is able to give protection to Google Cloud Functions as well. In that way, a company that is running the full gamut of cloud technology will have protection for all technologies on one platform.

Make the Right Choice for Cyber Security
Your company does well to invest in a reliable cyber security platform. This is a platform that is able to protect your systems and applications against any type of cyber threat. Since cyber threats can be costly to a company’s reputation and budget, an innovative cyber security company is indispensable.

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