Who is Redlock?

Who Is RedLock?

RedLock is a cybersecurity organization committed to securing a company’s online presence. In fact, they endeavor to “accelerate digital business.” Using this mantra to fuel their efforts, RedLock deploys a series of AI-oriented approaches to formulate individualized solutions that combat cyber threats. In the three years that they’ve been serving clients, RedLock’s gained a prestigious reputation. What’s more, they’ve earned various accolades for their award-winning services. Some of said services are as follows.

  • GDPR Compliance
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • NIST Compliance
  • Challenge Initiatives
  • Configuration Management
  • Security Operations
  • Asset Inventory
  • PCI Compliance
  • User Data
  • Incident Response
  • Host Security
  • Network Security
  • Insider Threats

In the hopes of expanding their reach, RedLock at Aquion https://www.aquion.com.au/cyber-security/partners/redlock/ partners with various organizations. Below are some companies they partner with along with a brief description of how they facilitate operations.

  • Amazon Web Services – offers security, governance, and compliance on Amazon platforms
  • Google Cloud – provides governance, security, and compliance on Google Cloud platforms
  • Splunk – improves response time for cloud security issues
  • IBM Radar – streamlines the communication process for security-related incidents
  • Barracuda – ensures the efficacy of NIST compliance initiatives
  • Tenable – detects soft underbelly of a company’s site
  • Slack – speeds up response times across computing platforms

The RedLock Team
If a company is only as strong as the team behind it, then RedLock boasts an unprecedented level of strength. Here are the individuals responsible for RedLock’s renowned reputation.

  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Robert Fly
  • Joe Levy
  • Mark Fernandes
  • Deepak Jeevankumar
  • Guarav Kumar
  • Varun Badhwar
  • Upa Cambell
  • Wayne Jensen
  • Brandon Conley
  • Ankur Shah
  • Alok Tongaonkar
  • Andrew Davidson

Given RedLock’s undeniable talent, it’s no wonder organizations are willing to invest in their operations. Some of RedLock’s primary investors are listed below. Find out more about RedLock at https://www.aquion.com.au/ 

  • Dell Technologies Capital
  • Sierra Ventures
  • Workday
  • Storm Ventures
  • Featured Partners
  • Amazon Web Services

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